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220083MHOR - Mt Hood from Lost Lake
220071XXOR - Salt Creek Falls
220056CLNP - Crater Lake at Phantom Ship
220054CLNP - Crater Lake facing Merriam Pt
220064XXOR - Goodpasture Covered Bridge over the McKenzie River
220067XXOR - Scott Lake and the Three Sisters
120169HCNP - forest fire near Hat Point fire tower, Hell's Canyon National Rec. Area
220051CLNP - sunset over Crater Lake from Cloudcap
220069XXOR - Salt Creek Falls
220092PCOR - Yaquina Head Lighthouse on the Oregon coast
120168MHOR - Mount Hood from Lolo Pass
220058DLOR - Mt. Thielsen from Diamond Lake
220061XXOR - Mt. Bachelor from Elk Lake
220088CGWA - Beacon Rock on the Washington side of the Columbia River
220079CGOR - Latourell Falls
120164XXOR - lava field at Belknap Crater
220085MHOR - peak of Mt Hood over the east fork of the Hood River
220060XXOR - Mt. Bachelor from the lava rocks on Elk Lake
120171HCNP - forest fire near Hat Point, Hell's Canyon
220057CLNP - Vidae Falls at Crater Lake
220077CGOR - Mulnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge
220075CGOR - Wahkeena Falls in the Columbia River Gorge
220065XXOR - Goodpasture Covered Bridge
on the McKenzie River near Vida, OR
220093PCOR - sunset at Yaquina Head Lighthouse on the Oregon coast
220086CGOR - Columbia River
220087CGOR - Columbia River at Hood River
120161CLNP - the Devil's Backbone on the north rim of Crater Lake
220081MHOR - Mt Hood from Lost Lake
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290505WFOR - Salt Creek Falls, OR
290033CLOR - Spring snow on Crater Lake
190446XXOR - Fall foliage at Stewart St Park
290320BDOR - Smith Rock near Bend, OR
289440MHOR - Mt. Hood
190435KFOR - Aspens and fall foliage near Klamath Falls, OR
190447UROR - trail on Umpqua River
290034WFOR - Clearwater Falls near Umpqua River
290032XXOR - Waterfall at Crooked River, Cove Palisades St Park
290031WFOR - Fall at Salt Creek Falls
290502UROR - Watson Falls near Umpqua River
290192WMNF - Proxy Falls