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Buffalo National River

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OK, so its not really ON the Buffalo River.  Its still a really famous place on the way to the Buffalo - its the world famous "Booger Hollow Double Decker Outhouse" on Arkansas Hwy. 7.
TIP:  If you don't go upstairs, you'd be wise to take an umbrella!
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Whitaker Point
Buffalo River below Roark Bluff
Fall foliage at Roark Bluff
Some people call this "Twin Falls"
The Goat Trail above the Buffalo River
Buffalo River near Steel Creek
Fall foliage on Steel Creek
The Buffalo River from the Goat Trail
Mt. Sherman above the Buffalo
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420019BRAR "What happens in Boxley Canyon stays in Boxley Canyon"
420021BRAR Boxley Dinner Guard
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220123BRAR - creek flowing into the Buffalo River near Boxley