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240002YSNP - Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, Wyoming
220115GSNP - "Essence of Life"
Great Smoky Mountains Natl Park
220117GHAR - The Glory Hole
220108PJAR - Cedar Falls - Petit Jean State Park, AR
220071XXOR - Salt Creek Falls, Oregon
220043GLNP - Baring Falls, Glacier Natl Park, Montana
220015OUAR - Cossatot Falls - the "skull crusher" - Arkansas
220042GLNP - St Mary's Falls, Glacier Natl Park - Montana
220068XXOR - Salt Creek Falls, Oregon
"Twin Falls" of the Buffalo National River in Arkansas
220057CLNP - Vidae Falls at Crater Lake, Oregon
220045GLNP - falls on the "Going to the Sun" Road of Glacier Natl Park, Montana
220109PJAR - Cedar Falls in Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas
220101PJAR - Grotto Falls at Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas
220116GHAR - The Glory Hole
220123BRAR - creek on the Buffalo Natl River, AR
Standing at the base of O'Keefe Falls in Arkansas
220044GLNP - Baring Falls, Glacier Natl Park, Montana
240003XXAR - Falling Waters Falls, Arkansas
240004XXAR - Falling Waters Falls, Arkansas
220195AUNH - Lower Falls, Swift River,
New Hampshire
220187WFNH - Beaver Brook Falls,
New Hampshire
220185WFNH - falls on Mt Washington, New Hampshire
220120BRAR - Jim Liles Falls in northern Arkansas
220119GHAR - The Glory Hole, Arkansas
220111PJAR - Cedar Falls, Arkansas
220112PJAR - Cedar Falls, Arkansas
220113PJAR - Cedar Falls, Arkansas
220102PJAR - mtn stream
220077CGOR - Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
220075CGOR - Wahkeena Falls, Oregon
220079CGOR - Latourell Falls, Columbia River Gorge, OR
220072XXOR - Salt Creek Falls, Oregon
220004OUAR - the spillway at Shady Lake, Arkansas
220040YSNP - Gibbon Falls, on the rim of the Yellowstone caldera
220205RMNP - Alberta Falls in Rocky Mtn Natl Park
220206RMNP - Alberta Falls near Estes Park, CO
220204RMNP - Rocky Mtn stream
220203RMNP - Rocky Mtn stream
240001YSNP - Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River, Wyoming
220201ZNNP - trickle of a waterfall at Lower Emerald Pool, Zion Natl Park, Utah
220202ZNNP - the Virgin River through the Narrows of Zion Natl Park, Utah
210003ZNNP - waterfall down the wall of The Narrows in Zion Natl Park, Utah