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Barred Owl - Louisiana
420018GLNP Bighorn Ram
420022BRAR - elk in Arkansas's Buffalo River valley
420012YSNP - bison in Nez Perce Creek, Yellowstone NP
420042GTNP - Happy Hour at the Snake River, WY
Red fox squirrel
420044GTNP - Bear at Jackson Lake, WY
420041GTNP - Moose cow
(not the capital of Russia)
Blue Heron - southern Arkansas
420040YSNP - American Bison
420047YSNP - Yellowstone elk
420046YSNP - Wyoming elk
410004OULA - egret on D'Arbonne Bayou
410001OULA - soccer Mom
420011GTWY - Wyoming mule deer
420008GTWY - Wyoming mule deer
420019BRAR - elk near Buffalo River Arkansas
420013YSWY - bison at Nez Perce River, Yellowstone
420009GTWY - mule deer
420016GTWY - American buffalo (bison) and the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, WY
420006GTWY - napping bull moose
420007GTWY - bull moose
420038YSNP - Bison and aspens
420020BRAR - bull elk grazing in Boxley valley near Ponca, Arkansas
420039YSNP - 4 bison
410002OULA - Blue Heron on D'Arbonne Bayou, near West Monroe, Louisiana
420014YSWY - bison herd
420015YSWY - bison bull and calf
420024BRAR - Buffalo River elk

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IMG 0735 - Gator eyes
IMG -0858 Okefenokee Swamp Georgia
(gator is at bottom left - see close up below)
IMG 0858 - mirror image (and they're both smiling rather devilishly)
IMG 0774 - Gators playing King of the Mountain
IMG 0822 - Ready to spring
420001XXLA - "Swamp Puppies"
420003WADC - crocodile at National Zoo
420002DLPN - dolphin at aquarium
490003UNPA - possum in the Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge