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Nature Close-ups (foliage, fauna, rocks, etc.)

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350002OUPA - north La. pine cones
360003FLWR - "Yankee Doodle"
360001XXLA - bee on sunflower
360002XXLA - tree rings
350001OULA - water lily
350004AUTM - Sweet Gum foliage
350003OUPA - pine cone
320005YSNP - geyser pool
320006PJAR - natural rock art in Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas
320004OUAR - quartz in Cossatot River rock, Arkansas
120001PFAZ - Petrified Forest
120008GCNP - Aspens on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon
220142ZNNP - color creek bed in Zion National Park, Utah
220019OUAR - quartz outcrop on banks of Ouachita River, Arkansas
120091RIPA - King Cotton - Richland Parish, LA
120094OUPA - north Louisiana pine tree
120204JTNP - modern art at Joshua Tree National Park, California
320024OULA - fall foliage in north Louisiana
120032OUPA - black-eyed susans
320029OUPA - Tulip tree and bee
320032OUAR - poison ivy on the trail
120202RMNP - Rocky Mountain flowers near the tree line
320030OUPA - riverside garden
360005OUPA Beech tree foliage
120033OULA - sunset through spanish moss
320008OUPA - Spring Fingers
390019OUPA - spring pine
320021OUPA - sweet gum and moss