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"From stem to stern the Ouachita is a lot of river.  On all counts it easily deserves a place among the great Rivers of America".
Grits Gresham, "The Rivers of America", Sports Afield, November, 1962

"The Ouachita River is one of the top three most beautiful rivers in the nation according to National Geographic".
This is a quote that I have heard all my life by people who proudly hail from the Ouachita River vicinity.   Because it is such a great tribute coming from a world-renowned organization, I have looked all over--including contacting National Geographic--for the origin of this proud claim.  So far, I've had no success documenting its origin.  If National Geographic (in any of its literature) printed this statement (if they didn't, they should have) I'd like to document it.  If you have any information about this claim I would appreciate your emailing me with the documentation of its factuality or mythology.  Feel free to send other interesting information about the Ouachita for possible inclusion on this website.